Want to share your counterpoints with Arbiter News? Read our submission guidelines to learn how to submit articles for consideration.

Arbiter News is open to reviewing and publishing limited outside contributions. Our process is selective, but we are open to working with writers to edit and rework selected material for contribution. Things that could subject to change include: headlines and subheads, content edited for substance, and links may be added for context. If published, your article will appear on our website, and may be promoted in newsletters and on our social media feeds.

Because we want to give each submission the time it deserves, our current review and response time is usually one week. We currently do not pay for contributed content, however will do our best to include your engaging, useful content to our readers.

The following guidelines may help increase your chances that your article is accepted for publication:

Articles submitted for consideration must be written in a tone appropriate for the Arbiter News. Our goal is to provide our readers with both sides of the story so that they can form their own informed opinion on a subject. In order for our content to be taken seriously, we require you to document facts correctly.

  • If you reference a particular study or research paper, make sure to find the original document and link to it. Usually when a study is cited in other articles but difficult to find, it is because there is a problem with it. The study or report was either not peer-reviewed, discredited, or it was never published by a reputable science journal. Please do not reference a particular study if you cannot find it. Peer-reviewed studies are always the best.
  • Be careful when quoting and interpreting figures and numbers from studies. The correct interpretation of studies and facts is the mark of a good researcher and a good writer.

Articles should include accompanying photos. Please do not use photos that you do not have the rights to. Free photos can be found at:

We want our readers to have a clear understanding of your position in your writing, however, over-the-top self promotion, offensive language, and unfounded speculation will lessen your chances of having your article published. Our articles are typically 1,000 words or less, but we are open to creative suggestions for photo-documentary pieces, new ways of displaying data or relevant information.

Arbiter News asks that articles contributed to our site remain exclusive to our site. Writers are welcome to post excerpts on their own sites, with a link to the original article.

Arbiter News will accept articles written by journalists, writers, field leaders and industry experts. To get a better sense of what type of articles we are interested, read our About Page and take a look at our published articles.

If your contributed article is selected for publication, turnaround time is typically a few days. Please send completed articles or article outlines for Arbiter News to our editor email arbiternews@gmail.com. If you feel your email has not been received, please check back in once.