Form your opinion knowing both sides of the issue

We believe there should be a place on the internet where thinkers can articulate their findings on a subject, present both sides, and have meaningful dialogue with others without the polarizing rhetoric that dominates the media today. The change starts with the philosophy of the organization. It’s time for dialogue. It’s time for a platform where thinkers, regardless of their political inclinations can intelligently pose their findings on a subject. It’s time for the public to learn both sides of the story before making a decision.


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laura copy Laura Sesana is a writer and DC, Maryland shop antibiotics online attorney. She is the author of Colombia: Natural Parks, and has also written several articles on literary criticism. She has written columns for Communities @ The Washington Times and Communities Digital News. She writes about food, health, nutrition, women’s legal issues, and the environment.  In addition to writing for the Antithesis, Laura also works as an attorney and legal content writer.

gaby Gabriella Salas is a Digital Content Strategist in New York. As a documentary photographer, Gabriella has travelled extensively through Asia. Her digital content strategy work can be seen on Lomography, Adorama, LaSesana and many other sites.


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  1. Erica says:

    Your article on companies that support trump has much out of date info. I speak of PayPal and Fairmont’s. Both have had changes (e.g. New ownership or leadership) which no longer qualifies them for this list.

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