Trump Blocks Argentina Tribute To Jimmy Carter

Laura Sesana

Laura Sesana is a writer and DC, Maryland attorney. She is the author of Colombia: Natural Parks, and has also written several articles on literary criticism. She has written columns for Communities @ The Washington Times and Communities Digital News. She writes about food, health, nutrition, women’s legal issues, and the environment. In addition to writing for the Arbiter, Laura also works as an attorney and legal content writer.

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12 Responses

  1. Ross Judd says:

    Trump is a petty, petulant child.

  2. Vicky Short says:

    It’s just like Trump, living in his own world, who doesn’t think President Carter deserves the award. However, everyone else in the country believes he does! He has been working for humanitarian rights since he was in office and did not stop when his term was up. Great job, Mr. President Carter! You certainly DO deserve it!

  3. Bill says:

    Trump …. What an a-hole… Impeach this cowardly shithead now.

  4. Jeff says:

    Sad how many believe this bullshit!

  5. Celia Walker says:

    Why does Trump care if Jimmy Carter gets an award? Jimmy is just an old man. . .no threat to anyone

  6. Polly Roopnarine, Phd says:

    We can get him another award. Let us try another World Power who has a History that is always intriguing. Someone else can be one to stop this jealousy and turn it around to be positive. Can you guess who?

  7. betty says:

    He has sunk to a new low with this one. Trump is not qualified to shine the shoes of a Jimmy Carter let alone be president. Cannot believe this man’s ugliness …not just facial but of his soul. President Carter’s legacy will show the contribution he has made to the world and to every person his humanitarian efforts have helped. Trump’s legacy will be an embarrassment to him and his country.

  8. Ron hinds says:

    hate, hate, hate is there no one willing to listen to the truth, or even try to find out the real truth is?. no, no let’s just blindly follow the media.
    Remember when it was reported by a lot of people that Obamacare has a provision in there requiring all citizens to get RFID chips implanted under there skin. BS yeah that was all BS. THE REAL TRUTH WAS THAT PROVISION WAS IN THE FIRST DRAFT OF OBAMACARE, AND WAS ELIMINATED IN THE FINAL WORDING. Oh crap there is people that still believe that. Find and research the facts before you stick your foot, leg an lower torso in your mouth

  9. Stan Sistek says:

    good read, thanks!

  10. Omer says:

    Keep working ,terrific job!

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