What the Hell is Going On With Trump?

Arbiter News Resistance writers are calling for a total and complete shutdown of the Trump agenda until our leaders can find out what the hell is going on. This is not normal. Besides the urgent questions surrounding the Trump-Russia scandal and his failure to release his tax returns, Donald Trump has begun to appear lost and confused.

On March 31, Donald Trump held a signing ceremony at the Oval Office for two executive orders on trade…then walked out of the room without actually signing the orders. A confused Pence follows him out of the room with the leather-bound documents.


In an interview with Fox News after dropping 59 tomahawk missiles on an airfield in Syria, Trump recounted details of the chocolate cake that he sells at his for-profit business, but forgot what country he had just bombed.

“We had finished dinner, we’re now having dessert,” Trump said. “And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen and President Xi was enjoying it.”

“We’ve just fired 59 missiles, all of which hit by the way, unbelievable, from hundreds of miles away, it’s brilliant, it’s genius, what we have in terms of technology no-one can come close to competing,” he rambled on.

“So I said, we’ve just launched 59 missiles, heading to Iraq,” Trump said, oblivious of the mistake until he is corrected by the interviewer.


At the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, Trump had to be reminded to place his hand over his heart when the National Anthem was played.

At the same event, Trump then took a boy’s hat, signed it, and threw it into the crowd, saying, “here you go kids, here.”


Perhaps it is senility, or perhaps he is too preoccupied with his job to remember the little details. Either way, we’re calling for a complete and total shutdown of the Trump agenda until he is evaluated by a medical professional and we can find out what the hell is going on. Someone this careless should not be in charge. This is not normal.


Featured image: Gage Skidmore, Flickr Creative Commons

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