Trump Plays 12th Round of Golf in 9 Weeks, 8th Weekend at a Trump Property

WASHINGTON, March 25, 2017—When the White House announced Trump would remain in D.C. for a “working weekend,” it did not state he would be playing golf. However, Trump was photographed in golfing attire and riding a golf cart Saturday at his Virginia golf club. This is Trump’s 12th round of golf in nine weeks since inauguration, and his eighth visit to a Trump branded property.

Officially billed as “a day of meetings” at Trump International Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, the White House did not disclose whom Trump was meeting with or the subject of the meetings, despite several direct questions by the White House Press pool.

“After multiple inquiries, pool still does not know who the president has met with today over the last 3 hours,” wrote Buzzfeed’s Adrian Carrasquillo. “It is unclear why the Trump team can not find out this information for the pool. Will update if any information becomes available.”

However, photographs presumably taken by club members or employees quickly surfaced on social media refuting White House claims that Trump was in meetings or working.


Reporters were also quick to point out that this was Trump’s eighth visit to a Trump-branded property since January 20th.

Trump has been mocked for ranting on Twitter about President Obama’s golfing and vacations in the past.


When asked about the costs of Trump’s travel in relation to the administration’s proposed budget cuts, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said, “Presidents always travel.”



Featured Image: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera, Flickr Creative Commons

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