GOP Congressman Lies to Voters in Attempt to Sell Trumpcare

WASHINGTON, March 9, 2017—Texas Republican Representative Pete Olson knows that tax dollars have not paid for abortions since the 1970s, but he’s hoping voters don’t.

Less than 36 hours after the American Health Care Act (AHCA or “Trumpcare”) was rolled out, its supporters went into overdrive trying to sell it to fellow Republicans, the American public and their constituents.

The bill was met with resistance from Democrats, Republicans, doctors and patient advocacy groups. Many feel that the AHCA will cover fewer people and cost more that Obamacare, a suspicion that is made stronger by supporters of the bill trying to rush it through Congress before the Congressional Budget Office releases its analysis and predictions.

Perhaps realizing that he could not win support for the apparently-doomed bill on its merits, Texas Congressman Pete Olson took to Twitter to say that the new bill will ensure that tax dollars would not pay for abortions.

The tweet implies that under current laws tax dollars pay for abortion.

This is false.

Representative Olson knows that the Hyde Amendment, passed in 1976, prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion services except in the case of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. The Affordable Care Act did not change the Hyde Amendment and did not use tax dollars to pay for abortions, as Pete Olson implies in his tweet.

However, in an attempt to gain support for Trumpcare by playing on polarized opinions about abortion, Pete Olson lied to his constituents, hoping nobody would notice.

Tax dollars have not funded abortion over 40 years. Pete Olson knows this—he’s hoping you don’t.


Featured image: Ed Uthman, Flickr Creative Commons



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