Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

WASHINGTON, December 17,2016—There are hundreds of reasons to protest Trump’s election, and boycotting his inauguration is a clear way to show disagreement with the president-elect, his rhetoric and his lack of a moral compass.

How to boycott the inauguration

  • Wear black
  • Make your social network profile pictures black or upload a Hillary Clinton avatar


Trump has insulted Mexican immigrants, has proposed a ban on Muslin immigrants and bragged about assaulting women. He has refused to release his tax returns and canceled a press conference to explain what he will do about his myriad conflicts on interest as incoming U.S. President. Trump has gone after veterans, POWs, a judge of Mexican heritage, a Gold Star family, a union leader and even an 18-year-old girl who dared question his positions on women.

As president-elect, Trump has shown that he cares more about making the staffing of his cabinet look like a reality show than attending daily national security briefings. Instead of addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Trump poses for pictures in the lobby of Trump Tower with Kanye West.

Time and again Trump has shown an infantile fixation on television ratings and pretending to have much more money than he actually does. There is no doubt Trump will brag about the TV ratings of his inauguration, regardless of the facts.

However, several individuals and groups are already sitting out Trump’s inauguration. Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez stated that he would not be attending the inauguration.

It also appears that the Trump team is having trouble booking talent for the inauguration weekend. So far, the only “A-List” entertainer that had initially confirmed that he will be performing is Andrea Bocelli. Bocelli’s fans subsequently vowed a boycott and Bocelli ultimately announced that he will not be performing on January 20. A relatively unknown 16-year-old, a runner-up for “America’s Got Talent,” will sing the national anthem.

For perspective, Beyonce sang the national anthem in 2013 at President Obama’s second inauguration. Aretha Franklin sang (although not the national anthem) in 2009. There are reports that the Trump inauguration team is pretty desperate.

At least three DC high school marching bands that have participated in past elections have opted out of performing for Trump. Howard University’s Marching band, which performed for President Obama in 2009, did not apply to perform in 2017. No high school or university bands in DC and the surrounding counties applied either. Interest in performing for Trump’s inauguration is so low that the application deadline was extended from November 28 to December 5.

It appears that the Trump campaign is not having as much trouble raising funds for inauguration events, however. Boeing pledged $1 million, and a spokesperson told the New York Times that Trump’s team already raised $50 million in pledged donations. If true, Trump is set to shatter President Obama’s record $53 million raised for his 2009 inauguration.

There are growing calls to boycott Trump’s inauguration on January 20, 2017.

Many are calling for turning off all televisions during inauguration to make ratings fall. Others are going further, calling for people to wear black and even a national strike or “Sick Out” on inauguration day. Many suggest not making any purchases on that day.


Any other suggestions on how to boycott Trump’s inauguration?


Featured image: mathiaswasik, Flickr Creative Commons

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