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    The IRS has never written any tax laws in over 100 years. All Federal tax laws are adopted by Congress and signed by the President. The IRS cannot set up Regulations for the tax exempt hospitals, it must be done by Congress. By the way, they are not non-profit organizations. You will find non-profits at the Bankruptcy Courts.

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    […] “The city’s top nonprofit hospitals enjoy the tax-free perks of charitable organizations and receive millions of dollars in state aid — yet spend less than 2 percent on the poor in the form of free care” Writes Tara Palmeri in New York post, June 2nd 2014. For example, New York Presbyterian Hospital had $3.9 billion in revenue in 2012, but administered only 1.03  percent, or $37.6 million, in free care for the uninsured. Meanwhile, the Executive vice Chairman received $5.58 million and CEO $3.58 million annual salary. […]

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    […] There you will find 74296 more Infos: arbiternews.com/2014/04/08/why-nonprofits-are-the-most-profitable-hospitals-in-the-us/ […]

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