Interview: Felipe Pereira Goncalves

Like the light from a deep-sea anglerfish, my work entices viewers to enter a 

world which is normally obscured by reason and fear. Death,

childhood, and glitter are merely nostalgic 

devices meant to leave one giggling 

in the face of terror. 

felipe pereira goncalves

By Laura Sesana

WASHINGTON, February 25, 2014—Felipe Pereira Goncalves’ art draws you into a dreamy world of outer space, magic and intimacy. I first met Felipe in 2012, when his work was shown at Transformer Gallery’s annual silent auction at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Intrigued by his work and personality, I have been an admirer of his art ever since.

Born in 1982, Felipe is the first member of his Portuguese family born in the U.S. Graduating from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore in 2004, he has shown his work at The Metro Gallery (Baltimore), Transformer Gallery (DC), Nudashank Gallery (Baltimore), Washington Project for the Arts (DC), Mirus Gallery (San Francisco), and Bedford Gallery (Walnut Creek, CA).

His first solo show, “the repercussions of honesty” (2011) at The Metro Gallery, contained large psychedelic pop paintings covered in glitter, as well as installations, drawings and a collaborative animation. Felipe was also a featured artist in Beautiful Decay (Book 7) and New American Paintings (No. 100).

Felipe Pereira Goncalves
Felipe Pereira Goncalves

I recently had the pleasure to speak to Felipe about his art, inspiration, and what he is currently working on.

LS: Who are your major influences?

FPG: My influences derive more from life experiences than individual people. Cartoons, video games, porn, relationships, hiking, skinny dipping, and music keep the juices in my brain flowing.

LS: Who is working today that excites you?

FPG: Jake and Dinos Chapman are U.K. artists that continuously remind me that there are no rules in the art world. Tomokazu Matsuyama, and Mark Mulroney are also consistently blowing my mind.

Felipe Pereira Goncalves
Felipe Pereira Goncalves

LS: When did you start painting? Why?

FPG: I didn’t really paint until after receiving my BFA in 2004. Ever since I made my first book in kindergarden, that’s all I wanted to do. Books are very personal and precious, which makes them great to create and share…but there’s little room for a realistic market. Paint seems to be the best way to convey the imagery I want to share at the moment. Every piece has a different aesthetic, and my current work seems to be going to the realm of mixed media.

LS: What art events are you looking forward to in 2014?

FPG: I was one of the 12 artists asked to be a part of an exciting new program in Baltimore. Basically, there are shareholders, and there are artists…every shareholder will end up with 6 pieces of art that is not predetermined. Artists will also be giving talks about their work during each session.  For a better description you can check out the site at

Felipe Pereira Goncalves
Felipe Pereira Goncalves

Check out Felipe’s website and blog:

Image courtesy of Laura Sesana | Arbiter News

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